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Introducing our Sponsored Product Review on the Web3spectives Newsletter!

Web3spectives is published twice monthly and is read by thousands of marketeers, growth hackers, founders, and entrepreneurs of crypto and web3. Web3spectives features marketing hacks, spotlights on AI, advertising techniques, and much much more – all tailored to audiences building businesses in web3.


  • Published via Email Distribution
  • Published via Linkedin. Example here.

Key Numbers

  • 5.4%+ CTR % Average
  • 73%+ Open Rate


This Sponsored Product Review on Web3spectives is tailored to elevate your brand’s visibility, captivate web3 audiences, and unlock growth potential. We will provide a 200 word review of your product or service including up to 2 product images and 2 backlinks.

Captivate readers’ attention through an immersive and compelling storytelling format. Our team of skilled content creators will craft a tailor-made narrative around your brand, ensuring it resonates deeply with our readers and cultivates a lasting impression. We understand the art of persuasion and will seamlessly integrate your product or service into the newsletter’s content, enabling an organic and authentic engagement that drives conversions.

Key Benefits

  • Maximum Exposure: Gain visibility as your brand is prominently showcased in the Web3spectives Newsletter, reaching thousands of eager readers actively seeking edge growth solutions in web3
  • Targeted Reach: Tap into a web-savvy audience with high purchase intent, ensuring your message resonates with individuals who are poised to convert into loyal customers and advocates for your brand.
  • Authentic Engagement: Utilize the power of storytelling and seamless integration to capture readers’ attention, fostering genuine connections and driving meaningful interactions with your brand.


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