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1 Month Listing on Mycelium Wallet (App, Android OS)

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Position your brand directly within the app where the most discerning Bitcoin enthusiasts reside. True hodlers and hardcore bitcoin pioneers will have ample time to become familiar with your brand’s presence, fostering trust. Your link will be exposed to an audience of over 2 million users, with a daily active user (DAU) count of approximately 0.5 million. Discount for the second month – 5% off. Discount for the third month – an additional 5% off. Upcharge for top position on the list – 10% premium.

Sponsored Article on Mycelium Wallet (App) + Free Push Notification (Android OS)

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The placement of a sponsored article (without sponsorship disclosure) within a major Bitcoin wallet, with the article release accompanied by a push notification delivered to EVERY user. The app’s total audience exceeds 2 million users. DAU ~ .5M

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